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Orkney photographer will use new charity to help raise awareness of prostate cancer

Orkney photographer Ken Amer who received a Special Recognition Award at HIPBMA in February, is setting up a new prostate awareness charity.

Ken revealed last year he has prostate cancer which has spread to his bones, making it incurable.

His decision to go public with the shattering news and urge men to get their prostate checked has earned him praise and widespread backing.

It also won him a standing ovation at the Highlands and Islands Press Ball and Media Awards when he was presented with the Special Recognition Award.

The honour recognised not only his contribution to journalism over 37 years, but his promotion of men’s health in urging men not to ignore the warning signs of prostate issues.

Gordon Fyfe, chairman of the Highlands and Islands Media Awards panel, said Ken has promoted a hugely important health message in his community.

“Courage, community spirit and inspiration rolled into one.”

One of the first donations to the new charity Orkney Prostate Awareness was £300 from Mark Harcus, from The Orcadian, who was named Journalist of the Year at the same awards ceremony.


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