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The four new charities nominated for the #HIPBMA2023
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Birchwood Highland was established in 1987 as a charity that supports people who are experiencing long-term, impactful mental ill-health on their personal journey to recovery and a brighter future. In 2021 we rebranded as Centred (Scotland) and our new brand showcases the wholly person-centred way we work in the care and support we offer. 

We couldn’t keep providing quality services at the forefront of mental health without listening to the people around us, so we’re constantly asking for, and acting on feedback from our staff and the people who use our services. We also empower our people to get involved in the planning and development of our activities wherever we can. 

Unfortunately, many of the innovative activities that we offer are currently unfunded by our commissioners. This is why we need to raise funds and why 100% of all funds raised goes to our service users to provide these essential activities. 

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CHAS has been supporting families for over 30 years. We provide respite and end of life care for children with life shortening conditions, and their families, across Scotland. We have 2 hospices, Rachel House in Kinross and Robin House in Balloch and 4 CHAS at Home teams. Since 2008, one of these is the Highland CHAS at Home team, a small but dedicated specialist nursing team, who have been supporting families at home in the Highlands & Islands & Moray. We are there to support families through the terrifying heartbreak of losing a child too soon as no-one should face the death of their child alone.  

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Highland Hospice

As the only hospice serving adults across the Highlands, our palliative and end of life care services have been a vital source of comfort and support for our patients, their families and our communities since 1987. 

Our care increases quality of life by reducing pain and suffering, enabling our patients and their families to make the most of the precious time they have left together. Our rehabilitation and wellbeing team offers an extensive, tailored service to meet the unique and varying needs of those with progressive, life-shortening conditions. 

As an independent charity, we rely on our communities both for their fundraising efforts and to help us extend our support outwith the Hospice building in Inverness. Working together, we provide home care in a number of locations, allowing people to live at home for longer; our befriending team tackles the loneliness and isolation which often accompanies deteriorating health and is exacerbated in rural and remote areas; and our social work and bereavement services help children and adults to deal with the complexities of their feelings both during their loved one’s illness and following their death. 

Our services are offered freely to everyone who needs them but they are also costly to deliver. We’re hugely grateful to receive an annual grant from the NHS, but we must still raise more than 75% of our income, mostly through fundraising and retail, to continue delivering our care. 

Our ambition at Highland Hospice is to provide everyone living with a life-shortening illness with the best possible care, enabling them to enjoy the life they have left, cherish the things that matter most to them and die with the dignity they deserve. 

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Liam Colgan
Music Fund

The Liam Colgan Music Fund is an independent charity in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, set up to support young musicians and others between 16 - 30 years of age wishing to pursue opportunities in music and the music industry.

The Fund is managed by a group of trustees with diverse backgrounds , musicians and those with a wide range of experience in managing organisations in the public, private and vfoluntary sectors. 

We believe music is a powerful force that can positively impact the lives of those who play, perform and participate in it.  Music brings individuals and communities together and offers us joy, purpose and beauty.

Thanks to new digital technologies young people in remote areas of the Highlands and Islands, keen on pursuing ambitions in music, have routes to wider markets previously available only to their counterparts in urban areas. We want to help them gain access to resources and opportunities to support them in their endeavours.

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