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The Orcadian has joined forces with one of the most vital charities in Orkney, to raise funds for a huge planned expansion of their services.

CLAN Cancer Support has had a home in the centre of Kirkwall for eleven years now. With three paid members of staff — and some 60 volunteers who work in a variety of different areas — the charity’s tireless work in Orkney is prolific.

But, due to Orkney’s unique geographical challenges, and a lack of resources, reaching all corners of the islands can be difficult.

The Orcadian is setting out to raise £10,000, to enable training for additional support volunteers, to provide more therapies and classes/group work, and to be able to develop CLAN’s outreach programme across Mainland Orkney and to the islands.

With your donations, we can help this amazing charity to achieve its goals, and we are asking our readers to dig deep. The money raised will lead to huge advances for CLAN’s amazing Orkney team, which is striving to fulfill big ambitions to broaden its services and reach more people in need across the county.

The Orcadian’s editor, Leah Seator, explained: “Back in February, we were absolutely delighted to be named Newspaper of the Year 2018, at the Highlands and Islands Media Awards. With that accolade came a £500 cash prize, to be donated to the charity of our choice.

“We instantly thought of CLAN Orkney, who do so very much for local people affected by cancer in any way. We had some conversations with the local team, who have a very clear vision for their future. More support volunteers — regular visits to the outer isles, and increased availability are the ultimate goals.

“Sadly, most of us are familiar with the devastation cancer brings about for all concerned. CLAN provides so many levels of support, for people with a cancer diagnosis, their families including children, as well as close friends.

“We decided to launch this campaign for CLAN with our winnings. All of the money raised will be ringfenced for Orkney, and we very much hope that people in Orkney will give generously, as they so often do."

In the coming weeks and months, through the pages of The Orcadian, you will hear about the variety of services CLAN Orkney offers. Service-users will tell you their own stories, and team members will talk frankly about their work.

We will hear about fundraisers, and the depth of support that exists for CLAN locally already — all highlighting the evergrowing demand for an expansion of services here.

CLAN’s Cancer Support services area manager, Karen Scott, said: “We are delighted to have the support of The Orcadian and their pledge to raise £10,000 for CLAN. Their help will enable us to identify and train new support volunteers, to extend our services across Orkney and to provide more complementary therapies and groups — ultimately helping more people affected by cancer.

“Cancer treatment and survival rates are improving all the time, but recent statistics indicate that one in two people will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime. It is with thanks to people and organisations like The Orcadian that we can continue to support people affected by cancer.”

The donation deadline is Monday, December 2. To make a donation, visit and follow the link to our justgiving page.

Alternatively, visit, or simply fill out the slip following the instructions on page 24, and send your donation to us, making cheques payable to CLAN Cancer Support.


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